Vijaya Platinum Card

  1. The salient features of Vijaya Platinum Credit Card are as follows
    • The card is valid for THREE YEARS
    • The Vijaya Platinum Credit card is a domestic MasterCard valid only in India & Nepal
    • The Vijaya Platinum Jubilee Credit Card does not have the facility of Loyalty Points
    • The cardholder who has not opted for Revolving Credit will enjoy free credit upto 50 days
    • Instant cash withdrawal facility upto 50% of the card limit with a maximum of Rs 25000/-
    • Cash withdrawal facility from interconnected MasterCard ATMs using the secret Personal Identification Number (PIN)
    • Life time Free Add-on cards are issued to the parents, spouse and children above 18 years of age
    • Option of repaying monthly bills in instalments by choosing Revolving Credit facility. The cardholder can pay the monthly bills in varying percentages with a minimum of 5%. The cardholder has the flexibility of varying the percentage or making a lumpsum payment at any time
    • The Credit Card transactions details are sent through e-mail to the cardholder every week and on the billing day free of charge
    • Our cardholders are covered under insurance against fraudulent use in case of loss of the card, for the transactions made after the date of intimation of loss to the bank
    • The Cardholder will get the monthly bills directly debited to the operative account maintained at our branch
  1. Fees & other Charges
    • The Vijaya Platinum Jubilee Card will be issued free of charge for the first three years
    • The fees applicable for Classic cards viz. Rs 300/- as advance annual subscription fee will be levied from the fourth year onwards
    • Other charges like hotlisting charges, replacement charges, duplicate statement charges etc. will be levied as applicable
    • Service tax as per prevailing rate is levied for all charges
  1. Eligibility Criteria
    • Account holder of our bank &
    • Minimum Gross Income of Rs 60000/- p.a. for salaried class & Rs 50000/- p.a. for self-employed
      Term Deposit of Rs 50000/- for two years & above
      Enjoying satisfactorily credit facility of Rs 2 lakhs & above
      Average balance of Rs 50000/- in the SB account for the previous 6 months atleast
  1. Other Conditions

The Vijaya Platinum Jubilee Credit Card cannot be issued to staff members & Corporates

All other terms & conditions for issue of Standard Classic Domestic Credit Card apply to Vijaya Platinum Jubilee Card also.

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