MasterCard Global Credit Card

The eligibility criteria for issue of MasterCard Global Card are as follows :


  1. Account holder of our bank &
  2. Minimum Gross Income of Rs 120000/- p.a. for salaried class & Rs 100000/- p.a. for self-employed
    Term Deposit of Rs 100000/- for two years & above
    Enjoying satisfactorily credit facility of Rs 5 lakh & above

For Corporates

  1. Life time free Vijaya Add-on cards will be issued to Individual cardholders’ spouse, parents and children above 18 years of age
  2. NRIs can nominate residents as add-on cardholders

Salient features of MasterCard Global Card

  1. The card is valid for THREE YEARS
  2. The card is being issued in association with MasterCard International and is valid Globally
  3. Instant cash withdrawal facility upto 50% of the card limit with a maximum of Rs 50000/-
  4. Cash withdrawal facility from interconnected MasterCard ATMs using the secret Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  5. The Global Card is accepted at 22 million merchant outlets spread across the world including 1 lakh merchant outlets in India
  6. The Credit Card transactions details are sent through e-mail to the cardholder every week and on the billing day free of charge
  7. Our cardholders are covered under insurance against fraudulent use in case of loss of the card, for the transactions made after the date of intimation of loss to the bank 

In addition to the above, the MasterCard Global Cardholders under individual category are eligible for the following :

  1. The cardholder who has not opted for Revolving Credit will enjoy free credit upto 50 days
  2. Life time Free Vijaya Add-on cards are issued to the parents, spouse and children above 18 years of age
  3. Option of repaying monthly bills in instalments by choosing Revolving Credit facility. The cardholder can pay the monthly bills in varying percentages with a minimum of 5%
  4. The cardholder has the flexibility of varying the percentage or making a lumpsum payment at any time
  5. The cardholder is eligible for the facility of Loyalty Points. 1 loyalty point is awarded for purchase of goods/services worth Rs 100/- through the card
  6. The Cardholder will get the monthly bills directly debited to the operative account maintained at our branch

Fees & other Charges

For Individuals
A one time entrance fee of Rs 1000/- and an advance annual subscription of Rs 1000/- will be collected at the time of issue of the Vijaya Global card. Thereafter, annual subscription fee of Rs 1000/- will be collected in advance every year.

Other charges like hotlisting charges, replacement charges, duplicate statement charges etc. will be levied as applicable.

Service tax as per prevailing rate is levied for all charges.

Credit Card limits


 Minimum limit  Maximum limit  Cash limit
    Parent Card Add-on Card
 75000  No pre set maximum limit  50% of the card limit or 50,000/- whichever is lower


  1. The card is valid worldwide. However, the card cannot be used for making payments in Foreign exchange for parties resident in Nepal & Bhutan
  2. The card can be used for making all sorts of remittances, towards imports, travel related expenses, purchase of Travelers’ Cheques, Currency Notes etc. permissible under the Exchange Control regulations/Foreign Trade as prevailing from time to time. Restrictions if any as to the maximum value, duration, purpose, source, nature of transaction etc. stipulated under the extant regulations should be complied with. The details may be ascertained from any of our branches authorised to handle foreign exchange business
  3. Use of the card in excess of the limit, or for purposes prohibited under regulations would make the card holder liable for penalties prescribed under relevant acts / provisions


All fees/charges on account of Vijaya Global Cards will be collected directly by Credit Card Division, Head Office through billing to cardholders.

All transactions incurred by the card holder in respect of the use of the card abroad also will be billed to the cardholders account in Indian Rupees only. The billing intimation will be sent to the card holder every month which will contain details of transactions in Indian Rupees.

Ordinarily the Bank will not issue duplicate monthly statements of account. However, the Bank may provide such copies of the statements of account on request on payment of Rs 25/- per statement.

Loss of Card

If the card is lost/ stolen/ misplaced etc. at any time, what ever may be circumstances of loss, the Card Holder should notify the Bank or nearest office of the MasterCard International or it’s affiliates immediately. A complaint should also be lodged at the nearest Police Station (Or other similar authority if outside India) about the loss and an acknowledgement of the complaint should be obtained. The Bank will, on receipt of the information of the loss, will take immediate steps to HOTLIST the card to prevent it’s misuse. However the card holder will continue to remain liable for use of the Card for a period of thirty days from the date of HOTLISTING the Card if the amount of claim on the bank consequent to unauthorised use of the card exceeds Rs Five lakh or it’s equivalent in any other currency.

The bank will also take immediate steps to provide with a replacement/duplicate card as early as possible in such circumstances. There would be a fee of Rs. 200/- for HOTLISTING the card and additional fee of Rs, 150/- for issue of a duplicate/replacement card.


The Bank may cancel the card at any time without notice or refuse to re-issue/renew or replace the card. Use of the card after such a notice of withdrawal of privileges will be considered as 'fraudulent' use and will subject the cardholder to legal action by the Bank.

Where the utilisation of the card exceeds the permissible limits as prescribed under the current Indian Exchange Control.

Regulations in force, the cardholder undertakes to obtain post-facto approval of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

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