Working capital loan

  • These facilities are generally granted for meeting day to day working capital requirements.
  • These facilities will be considered only after project nearing completion and after full tie up of term loan requirement
  • Bank has put in place three broad methods for assessment of working capital needs of the applicants keeping in view the financial model & operational peculiarities of various diversified sectors as follows;
  • Projected Turnover Method (PTM) – for credit limits above Rs.10.00 lakhs but upto    Rs.2.00 crore from the banking system (upto Rs.5.00 crore for MSEs);
  • Projected Balance Sheet Method (PBSM) for credit limits over Rs.2.00 crores (over Rs.5.00 crore for MSEs);
  • Cash Budget Method (CBM) – for funding the credit needs of Service Sector Enterprises, (MSE - Services) IT sector, construction contractors, seasonal agri `based activities such as plantations, tea gardens – irrespective of the size of the credit limit

Further, Bank also provides finance by way of Bills facility, Non fund facilities, export credit etc for meeting various financial requirements of the corporates

Interest rates on all types of credit facilities are linked to rating of the borrower

Bank has following specific schemes to cater to the needs of corporate:

  • V-Corporate Loan scheme (other than NBFC)


  • V-Short Term Loan to Corporates


  • Vijaya Foreign Currency Resident Loan Scheme


  • V-Exporters Gold Card Scheme


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