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V-MOBILE BANKING provides the customers a secure and convenient means of banking and commerce from anywhere anytime just on press of a button on your mobile. V-MOBILE services are available both on SMS and GPRS. V-MOBILE is a secured payment channel since the customer does not compromise with information like the debit card number or pin.

Basic requirements for V-Mobile banking service are:

  • Customer having Savings / Current - proprietor/ Staff Overdraft account with our bank and issued with an ATM/Debit Card
  • Mobile handset should be Java enabled and should have at least one of the following features:
    • GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) enabled
    • Bluetooth
    • Provision to transfer data through Data Cable


  • Customer walks into the Bank's ATM to register V-Mobile Banking Service
  • Customer inserts/dips ATM card in the ATM
  • ATM prompts the Customer to enter ATM Card's PIN
  • Customer selects Mobile Banking à Registration option in the ATM Menu
  • ATM prompts the Customer to enter his/her Mobile number.
  • Customer should enter 10 digit Mobile number and select Confirm button
  • ATM prompts the Customer to re-confirm the Mobile number
  • Customer re-enters the Mobile number and Confirms.
  • ATM prompts the Customer to Select the Account Type options <CURRENT> or <SAVINGS>
  • On validation, the ATMdisplays the message “Your Mobile Number Registered successfully” and prints the same.
  • If customer details found invalid, then ATM displays “Registration Failure”.
  • After successful registration, Customer receives SMS (Service SMS) to his/her Mobile from Bank containing Mobile Application URL link for downloading the Mobile Application Software and two passwords
    • 1) Application password. 2) Activation code/mPin.

The customer Mobile handset is to be enabled for ‘GPRS’, customer downloads the application by clicking the URL link in the SMS message and downloads the Mobile Banking application to his/her Mobile.
Customer can download the Mobile Banking application related to their mobile hand set (Example: For Nokia Mobile – application related to Nokia only ) from the web site of Vijaya Bank ( ) to their PC and there after they have to transfer the application to their mobile hand set through Bluetooth or Data Cable.
The Customer can also step into any of our branches to download the application related to their mobile and set.

Terms & Conditions Governing Mobile Banking Facility Click here for complete document

 Mobile Banking Application for ANDROID:

Follow the below steps to Download the Application

  • Visit 'Google Play Store'
  • Search for 'Vijaya Bank'
  • Accept, Download and Install 'Vijaya Bank MobileBanking Application in your handset'.

Please note that V-Mobile V2.0 will work only in GPRS mode for Android devices.
Click below to Download software required for your mobile phone
Click on your Mobile brand name below & install software.

User Guidelines for IMPS

What is IMPS?

Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) is an instant interbank electronic fund transfer service through mobile phones under the aegis of National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). IMPS facilitate customers to use mobile instruments as a channel for accessing their banks accounts and remitting funds there from.
Now you can transfer funds to any other Bank instantaneously by using your Mobile number and an additional 7 digit MMID number. All Mobile banking customers of Vijaya Bank can avail the service under IMPS.

How to avail IMPS?

To avail the facility of IMPS, please register your mobile number with the Bank and get 7 digit MMID number. For receiving remittance, you will share your mobile number & MMID with the person sending money (remitter).You can register for Mobile Banking to use IMPS in the following ways:


  • ATM
  • Branches

How to get MMID number?

All our existing Mobile Banking activated customers will be issued 7 digit MMID for the primary account registered. Their unique MMID number generated from the system will be sent to their Mobile number via SMS.
For Non Mobile Banking User MMID can be generated as follows:
<MMID> to 9223173922 :
This will register you for IMPS service and generate your MMID. 7 digit MMID number will be sent to you over SMS on the mobile number registered for SMS alerts service. All IMPS enabled banks will issue MMID to their Mobile Banking customers.

Users of Application based Mobile Banking can retrieve their MMID no. from the option “Know your MMID “incorporated under Fund transfer –Other Bank
Transfer of Funds using IMPS:

  • For Application Based Mobile Banking, please follow the steps as under:
  • Open the V-Mobile Application.
  • Select Fund transfer option –OTHER BANK
  • Select IMPS
  • Enter beneficiary’s Mobile Number & MMID. Enter your Mpin and amount to be remitted.
  • Immediately amount will be transferred.
  • (maximum amount that can be transferred is Rs.50,000.00 in a day & number of Funds Transfers limited to 3 [Three] in a Day)
  • You can also register beneficiary by his mobile number and his MMID if you do not want to avail IMPS.
    For any Queries / Suggestions / Complaints please email to :


  • Select the Mobile Application file from Application Folder in the mobile handset and Click Open to start the Application.
  • Select First Time User and Click OK option.
  • Please provide the following inputs one by one while First login and Click OK option
    • Enter Mobile Application Password which was received through SMS
    • Secret Question - secret answer
    • Enter new Mobile Application password
  • After Successful Activation, user will be prompted to change activation code received earlier on SMS during registration.
  • Please provide the following inputs for changing the Activation Code as mPin and Click OK option.
    • Activation code which was received through SMS (mPIN)
    • New mPin ( Note: Login Password and mPin should not be same)
    • Confirm new mPIN
  • On successfully changing the activation code /mPin, now VMobile Banking Main Menu will open successfully.

Steps for using VMobile Application

  1. Balance Enquiry
    • i. Select Balance Enquiry.
    • ii. Enter your 4 digit mPin.
    • iii. Get balance of account on screen and inbox.
  2. Mini Statement
    • i. Select Mini statement.
    • ii. Enter your 4 digit mPin.
    • iii. Get mini statement containing last 8 transactions of your account on screen and inbox.

Immediate Payment Service: Funds transfer through IFS Code and Account Number (Person to Account - P2A)

IMPS Person-to-Person funds transfer requires the Remitter customer to make funds transfer using Beneficiary Mobile Number and MMID. Both Remitter as well as Beneficiary need to register their mobile number with their respective Bank and get MMID, in order to send / receive funds using IMPS. There may be cases where Remitter is enabled on Mobile Banking, but Beneficiary mobile number is not registered with the Bank account. In such cases, Remitter shall not be able to send money to the Beneficiary. 

We have come up with a new facility, wherein IMPS funds transfer shall now be possible using Beneficiary account number and IFS code as well, in addition to Beneficiary mobile number and MMID.
In the IMPS menu, a transaction type ‘IMPS funds transfer – To account number’ will be available. Following fields need to be entered:
Ø Beneficiary account number
Ø Beneficiary IFSC code
Ø Beneficiary account type (optional)
Ø Amount
Ø Remarks (optional)
On initiating transaction as above, the remitter and beneficiary would receive a confirmation SMS with status of transaction.

Fund Transfer :

(maximum amount that can be transferred is Rs.50,000.00 in a day & number of Funds Transfers limited to 3 [Three] in a Day)

Within the Bank

  1.  Mobile to Mobile
  • Select beneficiary registration.
  • Enter beneficiary mobile number (to be a registered V-Mobile customer) and mPin to complete beneficiary registration.
  • iii. Go to Payment option and invoke the list of beneficiaries.
  • iv. Select beneficiary, Enter Amount and your 4 digit mPin.
  • v. Get transaction successful message on screen and inbox.
  • vi. Beneficiary also gets an SMS.
    Note : For already registered beneficiaries the transaction process is from step iii to vi
  1. Mobile to Account
  • i. Select beneficiary registration
  • ii. Enter the 15 digit a/c number of the beneficiary
  • iii. System fetches his name for your confirmation
  • iv. Confirm and complete registration
  • v. Go to payment option and invoke the list of beneficiary
  • vi. Select beneficiary, Enter Amount and your 4 digit mPin.
  • vii. Get transaction successful message on screen and inbox.
  • Note : For already registered beneficiaries the transaction process is from step v to vii.


  1. a. Fund Transfer: Other Bank

NEFT [beneficiary registration]

  • i. Enter Beneficiary a/c number in other bank
  • ii. Enter other bank IFSC code (IFSC code search is available under funds transfer option à other bank à search à IFSC)
  • iii. Enter the beneficiary’s full name to complete registration.

NEFT Payment

  • i. Go to Payment option and invoke the list of beneficiaries.
  • ii. Select beneficiary, Enter Amount and your 4 digit mPin.
  • iii. Get transaction successful message on screen and inbox.
  • iv. Funds are transferred to the other bank account in batch mode at pre-decided frequencies by bank.
  • v. All NEFT transactions initiated after RBI stipulated hours will be effected on the next working day.

My Services :

  1. Bill Payment
  • i. Register the biller by selecting the appropriate category, then select the required biller & enter the correct information required.
  • ii. Make payment:
    • Registered Bill Payment – Select the registered biller, confirm by selecting full /minimum /part /excess payment. Enter mPin and receive the successful message on screen and inbox.
    • Ad-hoc Bill Payment (Next Phase) –
      Select appropriate category, then biller, then details of the bill and make payment by confirming the details fetched. Get transaction successful message on screen and inbox.


  1. If needed delete the biller by selecting Delete Biller option and then selecting the biller from the list.

b) Airline Ticketing

  • · Booking & Payment
    • Enter mPin, start place, destination, date of journey, select class, no. of passengers.
    • Select Airline from the list.
    • Select the appropriate flight.
    • Enter the booking person’s details and passenger’s details.
    • Confirm by entering mPin.
    • Get transaction successful message on screen and inbox.
  • · Payment Only
    • Select Airline.
    • Enter mPin, Booking Reference No.(BRN).
    • Confirm the details by entering mPin.
    • Ticket confirmation will be sent as an SMS to the user’s mobile with a copy to registered E-Mail.


  • Movie Ticketing
    • Enter mPin, city, language, no. of tickets and date.
    • Select theatre from the list provided.
    • Select movie and timings.
    • Confirm the booking by entering your mPin.
    • Successful message will be received on screen and inbox.


  • Shopping (Next Phase)
    • Enter mPin, amount and merchant’s mnemonic name.
    • Confirm by entering the mPin.
    • Receive the successful transaction message on screen and inbox, after the merchant approves the transaction.
  • Mobile Recharge
    • Enter mPin and mobile number (to be charged).
    • Select the amount with which you want to recharge the prepaid mobile number.
    • Confirm by entering the mPin.
    • Get transaction successful message on screen and inbox.
  • Corporate Fund Transfer (Next Phase)
    • Register the distributor by searching the corporate, then sub-corporate and then confirm it by entering the mPin.
    • Make payment by selecting the appropriate registered distributor, enter amount, invoice number and confirm the transaction.
    • Set per day and transaction amount limit for any registered distributor in Standing Instruction option.
  • Temple Donation (Next Phase)
    • Select temple for which you want to make donation.
    • Select temple donation scheme.
    • Enter the amount and confirm the transaction.
    • Get successful transaction message on screen and inbox.
  • Fees Payment (Next Phase)
    • i. Register the institute by selecting the institute from the list.
    • ii. To make payment, enter roll no, confirm the details.
    • iii. Select the category (tuition or hostel) and payment options.
    • iv. Enter appropriate information and confirm the payment.
    • v. Get transaction successful message on screen and inbox.
  • Other Services
    • Stop Cheque : Enter mPin and cheque number. Get successful message if cheque is not already paid.
    • Cheque Status :Enter mPin and cheque number. Get the successful message on status of the cheque.
    • Block Card : Hot list the debit card by entering the mPin.
    • Locator :
      a. ATM Locator – Locate bank’s ATM using pin code or the location.
      b. Branch Locator – Locate bank’s branch using pin code or the location.
  1. Request to Bank
  • Request for Cheque Book – Enter mPin and your request will be registered.
  • Request for A/C statement – Enter mPin and request for a/c statement will be logged.
  • Request for Fixed deposit – Enter mPin and request will be logged.
  • Request for Loan – Enter mPin and request will be logged.
  • Request for Credit Card – Enter mPin and successful request will be logged.
  • Request for New Account – Enter mPin and request will be logged.

My Setup


  1. i. Enable or Disable Transaction – Enable or disable the transactions in your application.
  2. ii. mPAY Service Number – Customer can change the service number from ‘VMN’ to ‘Short Code’ and ‘Short Code’ to ‘VMN’ at any point of time. The difference is that ‘ Short Code’ is little faster in sending the message than ‘VMN’ but the charges will be little higher than ‘VMN’. ‘Short code’ will work inside INDIA and ‘VMN’ will work from all over the world.
  3. iii. GPRS URL – A service URL has been provided. Please do not change it.
  4. iv. Save Messages in Application in Memory – Select “Yes” in order to save the messages received in the inbox.
  5. v. Communication Mode – Communication mode can be set up as per the customer’s choice.
    a. GPRS
    b. SMS.
  6. Email id Configuration : This can be configured for receiving mails while booking tickets. Enter mPIN and incorporate email ID.
    WAP Option (Next Phase)
    Change Application Password :
    This option is used when the customer deregisters and registers his mobile number in the ATM and uses the existing application with old user login password then the application will prompt to change the application password.
    Change Login Password : This option is used to change the application login password which is stored in the mobile application itself.
  1. Change mPin :
    If you want to change your mPin, select this option. Then enter your old mPin, after that enter your new mPin, then re-enter your new mPin, Click ‘Yes’ for “Allow application V-Mobile to send text message?”.
  1. Refer a Friend
    Enter mPin, friend name, mobile number and email id of the friend whom you want to enjoy the benefits of Mobile banking of the bank.


  1. Feedback/ complaints :
    Customer can give the feedback and also register the complaint.


  1. Inbox :
    Inbox includes last five responses received. It may be Balance enquiry, mini statement, fund transfer done or fund transfer received, bill payment, ticket booking, shopping, mobile re-charge, corporate fund transfer, temple donation, fees payment, cheque status, stop cheque request, locating any ATM or branch, hot listing the card, any request to the bank through V-Mobile.




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