Finance for Flour,Rice & Dal Mills

V-DHANYA( Finance for Flour/Rice/Dal Mills)


  • Setting up of new Flour/Rice/Dal Mill.
  • Expansion /renovation/modernization of existing /Rice/Dal Mill.
  • Meeting working capital needs.


  • Compliance with license/registration requirements under laws of state/central government.
  • Individuals/Sole Proprietorship/Partnership and Company (Private/public ltd) or any other such business entity.

How much you are entitled to?

  • Maximum of Rs. 500.00 lakhs for Rice Mill.
  • Maximum of Rs. 300.00 lakhs for Flour Mill.
  • Maximum of Rs. 100.00 lakhs for Dal Mill.

What is your contribution?

  • 25% forstock/stock in process/ finished goods/assets acquired out of our finance
  • 35% for acquiring of premises/expansion/renovation/modernization of Rice/Flour/Dal Mill.


  • Hypothecation of all assets created/purchased bank finance & collaterally to be secured by mortgage of property.
  • Mortgage of property in case of acquiring of premises/expansion/renovation/ modernization of Rice/Flour/Dal Mill.
  • No guarantee/collateral for loans up to Rs. 100.00 lakh if covered under CGTMSE.


  • Personal guarantee of partners/promoters.

Repayment period

  • Term loan – Maximum of 84 months.
  • Working capital – one year (can be renewed on a yearly basis).
  • Repayment Holiday – Maximum of 12 months within the maximum repayment period.

Rate of interest

Up to 100.00 lakhs
Base Rate + 2.05 = 12.05% p.a. (floating)
For Rice Mill
Above Rs. 100.00 lakhs
Base Rate + 2.55 = 12.55% p.a. (floating)
For Others
Above Rs. 100.00 lakhs
Base Rate + 3.05 = 13.05% p.a. (floating)

Pre-payment/Pre-closure charges.

  • No Pre-payment/Pre-closure Charges shall be levied.

Processing charges

  • Ranging from 0.16% to 0.56% of sanctioned limit.
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