Facilities to Minority Communities


Definition of Minority Communities

The following communities have been notified as minority communities by the Government of India, Ministry of Welfare:

  1. Sikhs
  2. Muslims
  3. Christians
  4. Zoroastrians
  5. Buddhists

Creation of Special Cell and Designating an exclusive Officer:
A Special Cell is set up at the Head Office of the Bank to ensure smooth flow of credit to minority communities, and is headed by the Asst. General Manager of Credit (Priority), Head Office, Bangalore.

Minority Concentration Districts / Towns / Cities:
Government of India has identified 121 Minority Concentration Districts (MCDs) and 338 Towns / Cities having at least 25% minority population for special monitoring and stepping up credit facilities to Minorities in the identified Districts / Towns / Cities.

Road map for increasing credit flow to Minority Communities
The Bank has prepared a road map to increase the lending to Minority Communities from the existing level of 9% to 15% of Total Priority Sector Advances over the next three years i.e. by March 2010.

Click here for Road map.

Data on credit assistance provided to specified Minority Communities for 121 Minority concentration Districts (MCDs) and all States of the Country

Click here for Data on Minority concentration Districts (MCDs) DISTRICT WISE (Position as on Sept 2008)

Click here for Data on Minority concentration Districts (MCDs) STATE WISE (Position as on Mar 2009)

Statement of Implementation for the Prime Minister’s 15 Point Program for the Welfare of Minorities and progress. Information on parameters as per the recommendation of Sachar Committee pertaining to Department of Financial Services position as on MARCH - 2009

Click here to view the statement.

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