V Swashakti

To expand the employment and Income Generating Schemes and Programme so as to make women Self-reliant and economically independent.

Offering assistance to Women Entrepreneurs for economic pursuits in Small Business, Professional or Professional or Self Employed and Retail Trade and Credit facilities to Women Entrepreneurs (Term Loan / Working capital) for the following :

  1. Tailoring
  2. Canteen and Catering
  3. Pickle and Masala Making
  4. Clinics
  5. Papad Making
  6. Beauty Parlour
  7. Creche and Playschool
  8. Tuitions and Coaching Class
  9. Library
  10. Ceramics
  11. Departmental Stores
  1. Handicrafts
  2. Medical Shop
  3. Counseling
  4. Doctors / Chartered Accountants
  5. Candle Making
  6. Health Center
  7. Laundry
  8. Bakery
  9. Florist
  10. Travel Agency
  11. Milk Booth


  1. Women above 18 years are eligible
  2. Only to Resident individuals who are customers. In case of non-customers of our bank, the applicant /s should open an account with our bank by complying with the norms required for opening the account.
  3. Loans can be availed by women for both proprietary / partnership firms.
  4. If the business is on partnership basis the contribution of the women should be more than 51 %.

Lending norms

  • Ceiling
    • Maximum finance Rs.5.00 lacs.
  • Margin
    • upto Rs.25000/-   :  NIL
    • over Rs.25000/-   :  15 %
  • Security
    • Small Scale Industry
      • Upto Rs. 5.00 lakh : Hypothecation of Assets created out of Bank finance. Collateral Free / No third party Guarantee. Branches should cover the loan under CGFS.
    • Other priority Sector
      • Upto Rs.25000/- : hypothecation of Assets created out of the loan.
      • Above Rs.25000/- : hypothecation of Assets created out of the loan and third party guarantee / collateral security


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