V-ABACUS’ Tab Banking offers the convenience of opening a bank account for customer, from home or office. With ABACUS Tab Banking, customer can now enjoy a faster and smoother account opening experience with VIJAYA Bank. He / She can also opt to get his /her account opened in any of the branches, of our bank.
To avail services of ABACUS Tab Banking, following request modes are made available for
the customers:

  • E-Mail: Customer interested to open account via this mode can send mail to
  • Missed call service: Customers can dial 9243210480 to request for a call back from
  • Bank’s Call center (CRM cell) - maximum 3 times a day.
  • Website: Customer can provide the contact details through Bank’s Website
    ( and request for the service.

Following type of SB accounts can be opened through ABACUS Tab Banking

  • SB General
  • SB V – Platinum [Metro]
  • SB V – Platinum [Urban]
  • SB V – Platinum [Semi-urban]
  • SB V – Platinum [Rural]
  • SB V – Genuth SB [BL 18 YRS]
  • SB V – Genuth SB [AB 18 YRS]
  • SB V – Payroll
  • SB Premium Account
  • SB NRO
  • SB NRE

Process Flow of ABACUS TAB Banking
Customer opting to avail TAB Banking will contact the bank through the following modes

  • Missed Call Request
  • Email Request
  • Website Request

Any request raised through above modes will reach our call centre (CRM Cell) who will refer to the corresponding Regional Office. Marketing officer at the Regional office will contact the customer, informs the customer about all the required documents and schedules an appointment with the customer for a visit.

  • The Marketing Officer would then visit the customer at the appointed time along with a Tablet PC  and carries out the account opening process, as follows.
  • Captures Photographs & KYC documents using Tab
  • Enters the basic data using Tab
  • Fills the physical format of account opening & obtains signature
  • Hands over Account opening kit to the customer [only to HNI] and kit reference number is noted in the Tab Account Opening Screen.
  • Customer receives SMS message welcoming him to Vijaya Bank along with reference number and time taken for account activation [7 days].
  • Collects Initial Deposit through Cheque for non FI customer, zero balance for FI customer.
  • Transmits scanned copy of documents, photographs, KYC etc to branch concerned.
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