V Payroll Savings Bank Account

V-Payroll Savings Bank Account for salaried class people, particularly those working in Corporation firms, institutions , Companies, Govt. Dept etc.

 Parameter Product feature
 Eligibility Minimum Number of Employees in the organization should be 10
 Average net salary of the employee Not less than Rs.5,000/- per month
 Accessibility through Cheque Free in any of our CBS branches
 Minimum Balance Zero
 Sweep facility Balance in excess of Rs.20,000 can be swept into term deposits in multiples of Rs.5000/-
 Other concession 50% concession in service charges for remittances like DD , standing Instruction, etc.
 ATM withdrawal Upto Rs.20, 000 per day.
 Access to our bank ATMs Free
 Access to other bank ATMs Five Free withdrawals (includes cash transaction, balance enquiry, mini statement)
 V-Cash loan facility Eligibility as per existing norms for V-Cash loan.
 Other facilities V-Payroll account holders can avail of Debit Card, Demat and Internet Banking facilities.
 KYC Identification introduction and residential address proof of the employee as provided by the employer as per their records , can be accepted as KYC compliance
Privilege Accounts The Executive level employees of the corporate /company whose minimum salary per month is Rs.50,000/- and above, will be offered V-Platinum Savings bank Account
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