Vijaya Saral Savings

Salient features

  • The scheme is available in all branches of the Bank only to the individuals
  • The Vijaya Saral Savings Account can be opened with a minimum initial deposit of Rs.10/- by using the existing deposit account opening form. The balance in the account can go below Rs.10/-. The account can continue with even zero balance
  • Cheque book will not be issued to the account holders. Withdrawal will be only by way of withdrawal slips by presenting the pass book
  • No debit/ATM cards available in the scheme
  • No third party cheque is to be collected in this account
  • Total withdrawals shall not exceed 36 per financial year
  • No folio charges will be levied
  • No penalty for non-maintenance of minimum balance
  • No charges will be levied for noting standing instructions. However, for execution of standing instructions, the charges will be levied
  • All other terms and conditions applicable to normal Savings Bank account shall also apply to this scheme

Download Application Form - pdf

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